Would you recognise the original Netflix logo?

Would you recognise the original Netflix logo?

The current curved red word mark that Netflix uses today is instantly recognisable – just as an iconic logo should be in my opinion. However it wasn’t always that way. You see when Netflix first launched way back in 1997 – yes it really was that long ago, it started out as a DVD rental service and below is the original Netflix logo.

The original Netflix logo

The original Netflix logo was firmly based in the 90s and even showed a reel of film complete with a gradient running from black to purple and back again to black. You may even notice that ‘Net’ and ‘Flix’ are two separate words that are separated by the film reel for some reason.

The second logo

In 2000, Netflix received a completely new logo. The gradient film strip was gone and replaced with a black ellipse showing the name reversed out and the dot of the letter ‘i’ was the outline of a tv screen. I’m not sure what the yellow curves are meant to represent but to me it gives the impression of brake discs.

What do you see here, any ideas?

The third logo

Fast forward four years to 2004 and the next version of the logo is starting to look a little familiar. The curved base of the letterform has been created but on this version the text contained a black 3D shadow with white text on a red background.

Current netflix logo
The current Netflix logo

In 2014 the shadow was done away with, the individual letters had been slimmed down and the text was turned red giving the iconic design that we know today and is so far removed from the original Netflix logo which I think can only be a good thing.

As a regular Netflix viewer I think the logo is up there with the likes of Apple for its simplicity, originality and recognisability.

What do you think?