Wiro bound booklets are customisable

Wiro bound booklets are customisable

With its spiral wire, pages lie flat, making these booklets ideal for instruction manuals, travel diaries, recipe books, and tourist brochures. You can select from an extensive array of paper stocks, sizes, laminations, and wire colours to build your very own custom wiro bound booklets.

Wiro binding (wire-o and spiral binding) is achieved where a spiral wire is wrapped around the edge of the pages to bind them together allowing the pages to lay flat or be folded back on themselves. This feature makes wiro bound booklets ideal for business presentations, reports, notebooks and manuals.

There are three common hole patterns that are used in binding documents with double loop wire and they are 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch), 2:1 pitch (2 holes per inch) and 19 loop wire. Which one you have will be determined by the number of pages in your document.

You can choose from a large range of papers, sizes, laminations and wire colours to create your custom wiro bound booklets. You can print from 8 to 240 pages and as little as 25 copies. A clear acetate cover is available to give the perfect finishing touch.

If you wanted to create a custom diary or notebook or you wanted a vintage look, you could choose uncoated paper throughout. For a recipe book with vibrant images, gloss would be a better option. If you were after a professional catalogue or product manual for your business you could go for silk paper. Rest assured whatever your wiro bound project is, DL Design have got you covered.