Take care when designing vehicle graphics

Take care when designing vehicle graphics

You’ve had your logo and brand professionally designed and potentially spent a lot of money on it and everything looks fantastic. Your website is all singing and dancing, your business cards are spot on and a pleasure to hand out to potential clients so what could possibly go wrong?

Well, let’s see – you invest in a delivery vehicle but that bland stock white paint really doesn’t cut it and you need something with more impact. How about getting the vehicle sign written? You can advertise all day long for free, how great is that?

Wait a minute, your van has sliding doors? Your graphic designer will need to give the design lots of thought before having your vinyl printed and applied to your van, after all you can’t just slap your logo on the side and job done.

If you do just that, what happens when the van door slides open? Take a look at a few of my favourite faux pas.

Which one made you chuckle the most?