Logo reconstruction and redraw

Does your logo look great small but when enlarged it looks blurry?

If so you may want to take advantage of our logo reconstruction and redraw service. When viewed on screen your logo will normally look sharp at standard monitor resolution 72 pixels per inch and it will be made up of lots of tiny dots or pixels. This only becomes a problem if you wish to take the logo from your website and then have it printed much larger to go on a poster or roller banner for example.

What you end up doing is enlarging the pixels to such an extent that they loose their sharpness as there is just not enough information in the file to go any further.

There is a cost-effective solution to this problem and that’s where we come in. Your logo can be re drawn or reconstructed as a vector image which uses paths and points rather than pixels allowing you to have your logo as large as you need without losing any quality and it’s a much cheaper alternative than having a new logo designed from scratch because the idea is already there albeit in the wrong format for printing.

Also, with a logo redraw as a vector file, the file can also be saved for the web too giving you more flexibility where you can use it.

Have a look at some of the before and after examples below to see how we have helped clients by re drawing their logo. You will see quite clearly how rough the original logos were compared to how sharp they look after a redraw.

What are clients say about logo reconstruction and redraw

“Needed my logo in a format that allowed it to be used at any size without pixelating. DL sorted this promptly and for a fair price. Thanks.”

Edmund Magdziarek, EJM Investigations

Here are some before and after examples