Label design and print services

Labels on a roll with label design and print

Label design and print may be the ideal way to help advertise your business. From sizes as small as 10 x 10mm to as large as 300 x 300mm, our labels can be cut to any custom shape, have a permanent acrylic adhesive and are finished with an anti-scratch varnish, making them the ideal choice for a variety of uses.

Crafters or companies

Whether you’re a crafter or a large company, labels are an important part of packaging and marketing for your product branding and we would suggest using either:

  • metallic silver polypropylene.
  • gloss white polypropylene.
  • premium textured paper

Food and beverage

If your business is be food and beverage, this packaging allows endless creativity and can also help your product become successful. If you want a label to last, we would suggest one that is resistant to humidity and temperature sun such as:

  • gloss white polypropylene.
  • transparent polypropylene.
  • premium textured paper.

Window stickers with label design and print

You may be looking for window stickers, in which case our labels on a roll are available with mirror printing, which makes them great for window stickers. You can use an A4 or A5 sized label to make a large window sticker, or a smaller circular sticker to use as a car window sticker. For this we would suggest using transparent polypropylene.


If you have a restaurant space that is well-branded it can enhance the dining experience and increase foot fall. Labels are an excellent and cost-effective way to brand many restaurant objects. We would suggest using standard white paper or uncoated paper.


Retail is another area where label design and print can help branding and be practical for everyday use. They are not only for discount stickers as they can be excellent for inexpensive branding on shopping bags, promotional materials, and gift packaging. We would suggest using:

  • premium textured paper.
  • standard white paper.
  • uncoated paper.

What our clients say about label design and print

“DL Design were very quick on the turnaround of the product I was after (logo on stickers for an event) and the delivery was just as quick.”

Ian Cutting, Owner Ian Cutting Photography – March 2017

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