Car window sticker design and print

Promote your company with car window sticker design and print

Our digitally printed custom car window stickers offer great value for money as they are well suited to a wide range of uses, from charities, SMEs to brands and larger corporations. With car window sticker design and print these window stickers can be displayed in the car or office.

Made from transparent polypropylene with a glossy finish for stand out colours, you can rely on these stickers to help promote your brand. With tear-proof material suitable for use indoors and out, and a permanent acrylic adhesive, these stickers are made to stay where you want them.

With car window sticker design and print you can have customised window transfer stickers with a choice of straight or custom cut shapes available in any size, from 10 x 10mm to 300 x 300mm and any quantity of stickers, from a single unit up to 100,000 units.

The sticker is transparent, however if you would prefer a white underlay on your design, you can have a white print applied first. They are also suitable for use on the outside of a window, however if you prefer to use them on the inside of a window, mirrored printing is also available.


Static cling vinyl

If you need a sticker that is suitable for use on the inside of glass but want to remove it after a short period of time then you should choose a static cling vinyl. It’s easy to remove as it has no adhesive coating and leaves no sticky residue. A static cling vinyl (also known as self cling vinyl) is suitable for clean, dry, dust free glass surfaces and windows making them a popular choice for parking permits, short term campaigns and promotions.

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