Refreshing a logo for HR For You

Refreshing a logo for HR For You

Your logo is okay but needs refining. Can you relate to that? Here’s how I went about refreshing a logo for HR for You.

During a Zoom call we got chatting about logos, which often happens incidentally and Lou asked me what my opinion of her current logo was.

My initial thoughts when refreshing the logo were that the colours worked well but the main graphic looked somewhat dated and would work better if it was simplified. The typography also worked well but I suggested more emphasis on the ‘HR’ part of the logo as after all that’s the main service offered.

I decided to keep a similar font and went for the Gill Sans family which is a lovely clean easy to read font which looks as good on the web as it does in print.

The compass was the next part to tackle and I had an idea already in mind how I wanted it to look, and a new modern, clean simplified compass was created using Adobe Illustrator.

Once I had put the logo elements together, I felt there was still something missing – it needed a tag line. The suggested tag line was ‘Heading in the right direction’ which tied in nicely with the newly designed compass, so that’s what I went with.

Here is the original logo. Can you see the subtle improvements that have been made?

HR For You original logo

I love my new logo Darren redesigned for my business! An efficient and reliable service, providing a fresh and modern approach to branding styles. I would highly recommend Darren and the design services he offers.

Louise Loon, HR For You – November 2020