Essential brand package

£749.00 Excluding VAT

Choose from three bespoke branding packages. Whichever brand package you choose there is a defined process that you can expect to be taken through step-by-step.

Step 1 – making it official. You can order directly from our shop, or if you prefer we will email you an official quote, our terms and conditions and your 50% deposit invoice which you will need to complete to secure your place in our branding schedule. 

Step 2 – getting clarity on your brand. Once it’s official, we will email you your clarity questionnaire. (Comprehensive brand package clients will also get a Skype or Zoom call at this stage.) This will allow us to understand how you want your business to be perceived to your audience.

Step 3 – initial creative. Using the answers from the questionnaire, we will create your logo design (Complete and Comprehensive package clients will also get a pdf version of their mood board, to ensure we are on the right path.)

Step 4 – design stage. We will take everything we’ve received so far and explore, and refine your chosen logo design including font selection for your tag lines and marketing literature. (Complete and Comprehensive package clients will also get their social media branding.)

Step 5 – collateral items. For Complete and Comprehensive package clients, we will get to work on designing your chosen collateral items.

Step 6 – launch your brand. This is the time we will request payment of the balance. Once received we will create your personalised brand guidelines, print and web ready files and package everything up and email the assets to you, ready for you to hit the ground running. 

The Essential brand package is our entry level package which is perfect for small businesses looking to promote their offering with a cohesive visual identity, giving them the essential tools to communicate their offering and elevate their business. It includes the following:

  • 121 fact finding Skype or Zoom call where we run through the ‘brand clarity questionnaire’ for you to fill out after the initial call. This will become a valuable marketing piece for you to refer to as you market your business in the future.
  • Logo design. After reading through your answers to the ‘brand clarity questionnaire’ two logo design options will be offered to you for feedback and suggestions, you will then have up to two rounds of amends to achieve your ideal logo.
  • Font selection for tag line and marketing literature.
  • Mini brand guidelines and colour specifications. The brand guidelines are a brand style guide which governs the design, look, feel and tone of a company’s branding.
  • Final print and web ready files supplied (png, jpg, eps and pdf).
  • A personal contact throughout the process.

Timeframe 3 weeks for completion. 50% deposit secures your place in our branding schedule.

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