Posters, tips to send the right messages

Posters, tips to send the right messages

Posters are a great tool when you are running a promotion, if they are well designed, a high quality printed poster can make an instant impression that stays in your viewer’s mind. For example. Are you having a sale? Why not raise awareness of sale prices or new ranges by displaying indoor posters throughout your premises.

You could even attract new customers or boost attendance at your next event with outdoor posters if you follow my top tips to send the right message with posters.

Follow my simple tips to ensure you get the most from your next posters campaign.

Tip 1 Place posters in a prominent area to maximise views. A poster positioned at the bottom of the counter will never be seen as much as one that is positioned on a wall in the viewer’s line of sight.

Tip 2 Create maximum impact by making the design of the poster eye-catching, and in keeping with your brand such as colours and logos. People recognise consistent branding more easily than non-consistent branding.

Tip 3 Keep your message and design clear and consistent across all your marketing materials, such as posters, postcards, and flyers, it really helps with your brand awareness.

Tip 4 Consider using a different size poster to fit a particular space, for example, A4 for point of sale locations, A2 for walls, and A1 for window displays. Think about the colour of the background too, if you have a bright green wall you would want to use a contrasting colour on your poster so that it doesn’t blend into the background.

Tip 5 Make the poster easy to read from a distance. The key information should be the headline, the details and finally a call to action.

To summarise. In a digital age centred around apps and websites, posters can often get forgotten. There are so many ways a poster can work for almost any project whether it’s promotion or raising awareness of your personal, business or client message.