Personalised wall planner. Do you need one?

Personalised wall planner. Do you need one?

A personalised wall planner is an ideal end of year gift, and now is the perfect time to get organised. Wall planners are helpful to everyone, as they have many uses. They provide a full year at a glance, and are lighter and less bulky than calendars, making them easier and cheaper to post. So when you are looking for an end of year gift that is useful, lasts all year and promotes your company, but does not break the bank, try a personalised wall planner.

Tips for a great wall planner
Providing a useful design showcases your skills, and makes you look good. The planner will spend a full year on the walls of your customers, so maximise on that visibility by including your logo in a central, prominent position on the planner, and include your company name, website, and any other important details.

Wall planners are available in sizes A4 to A1, with a minimum order quantity from just 25 units. Choose from 130gsm or 170gsm paper with a gloss or silk finish, silk is perfect for writing on.

Who is a personalised wall planner suitable for?

Wallplanner fixed to white tiles behind taps

If your clients work with parents, a family themed wall planner is infinitely useful. Using a bright colour palette and adding fun family-themed images around the planner can instantly make this appealing to families. Perfect for family restaurants and kid’s retailers.

Builders’ merchants and other trade suppliers can make the most of a personalised wall planner by including their branch opening hours, address and telephone number, allowing their customers to always have these crucial details to hand. You could include advertising space too, so these customers can sell advertising to local, relevant businesses.

If you work with teachers, lecturers, students and any other school staff, you could create an academic themed wall planner. Move the start date to August or September instead of January and run through the academic year, removing the weekends and highlighting holidays and exam periods. Help staff and students alike plan for coursework deadlines, exams and holidays with a specially created wall planner.

Wall planner above a desk

Project planners
No matter who your client is, they will work with a company who is managing multiple projects. You could create a project management year planner to appeal to a wider range of recipients, while still being more tailored to their needs.

Help your clients keep track of their projects with a wall planner perfectly suited to them. For example, a marketing department can track their deadlines, such as advertising and go live dates, email campaigns and social posts. Magazines can send this type of wall planner, with their advertising deadlines and print dates pre-printed in the calendar section. This is an incredibly useful wall planner that could be found in many offices.

Financial services
Another sure winner is a wall planner to track finances. Whether used by a finance team or a department to track their finances, this is a perfect gift, especially from a financial company. Note important dates, such as end of month and end of year to help get them planning. Users can log incoming invoices and outgoing payments.

Whatever your business, a personalised wall planner could be the ideal advertising portal for next year.