New expandable Zoom logo

New expandable Zoom logo

Whenever I see the new expandable Zoom logo the first thing that springs to mind is Google, you know the way it expands when showing its search results.

So why have Zoom felt the need for an expandable Zoom logo? After all they only offer video conferencing.

Not anymore, you see the reason for the new design is to emphasise the suite of features on offer because it’s now much more than video conferencing.

Zoom logo extended

Animation now features on the new logo and contains multiple ‘O’s designed to represent the many services that Zoom now offers.

Services such as:

  • Team Chat.
  • Phone.
  • Meetings.
  • Rooms.
  • Events.
  • Contact Centre.

The team chat icon features two speech bubbles which I think works well and is easy to understand, the same can be said for the phone icon too.

The meetings logo is probably the most recognised icon because it’s a camera and who hasn’t stared at their webcam for many hours while networking or chatting to colleagues?

The rooms icon is simple, which is a good thing but might not be obvious, it could be mistaken for a screen share I think.

Personally I think the events icon is the weakest, I guess it represents a film or cinema ticket but it could be mistaken for piece of cheese if you don’t look close enough.

Finally the contact centre which again is easy to understand.

The expanded logo isn’t the only change but you have to be pretty eagle eyed to spot it. The blue is now darker, the text is slightly bolder and the letter ‘m’ has now been rounded off at the top.

Old Zoom logo
New Zoom logo

👀 For me it’s a case of evolution rather than revolution but I would love to know your thoughts.

❓What do you think? Is it a step in the right direction or too similar to the Google expanding logo?

💬 Comment below and let me know.