New branding for JCI Business Solutions

New branding for JCI Business Solutions

JCI Business Solutions is a network of professionals dedicated to helping business owners prepare themselves and their business for ultimate sale and supporting them through the transition process. This new venture needed new logo and branding to launch their business and DL Design Associates Ltd was referred to them by a networking connection.

After an initial chat it became clear that a new name was needed as the current name was very misleading and JCI Business Solutions was born. This is an ideal project for DL Design because we can go right back to the start and create a unique fresh feel which will help move the brand forward as time progresses.

The first element of the branding to look at was the logo, it needed to be business like, easy to read and professional. Three options were put forward and a clear winner, option A was chosen – the foundation for the brand was now in place.

The next element of the branding was the business cards, they had to be good quality and again professional, the idea was to keep the business cards simple, after all they are only an introduction, the finer detail would come in the leaflet.

business cards

The leaflet was the third element in the project. When discussing the brief, JCI Business Solutions wanted to show “uplifting, new beginnings, transformation, energy and change”. Imagery was chosen to reflect this along with a series of case studies to show how clients had already been helped preparing their businesses for sale.

JCI Business Solutions are now keen to launch their new brand and start helping many other businesses that are considering selling and would like expert advice.

“Darren is both attentive and patient and having listened carefully to our objectives came up with some good solutions.”

John Reynard, JCI Business Solutions