Need extra income to help weather the storm?

Need extra income to help weather the storm?

Has your income been reduced as a result the pandemic? Millions of people around the globe are suffering financially as a result of redundancies, furlough, loss or earnings and need extra income – and those who rely on just one source of income have been particularly hard hit.

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Did you know that millionaires have, on average, seven streams of income?

So, if one source of employment or earnings is suddenly suspended, they still have six others on which to fall back. By diversifying and adding an extra income stream, you’ll ensure that you’re never left in the lurch if you suddenly lose a job or source of income. As the proverb goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Perhaps there’s something you’re really passionate about that you’ve never fully explored? Or maybe you’d like to delve deeper into something that you already have experience of? Learning a new skill is exciting and life affirming – it empowers you to broaden your horizons and meet new people and gives you the potential to boost your earnings by adding an additional income stream.

Of course, you may be looking for a tried and tested approach that’s likely to start generating income fast. Would you like an additional income stream to help you get through the next coming months – and build a stronger foundation for whatever the future throws at you?

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Build your own business as a reseller of Go Paperless digital business cards

If you’re on the hunt for lucrative rewards and the personal satisfaction that comes from launching your own business – but you’d also like the support of organisation that’s invested in your success – read on to find out more about becoming a reseller of Go Paperless digital business cards.

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First things first, what is Go Paperless?

Go Paperless digital business cards double as a marketing platform for businesses of all sizes and sectors – helping them strengthen customer relationships and grow their networks in this era of contactless marketing. Put simply, we’ve harnessed the latest technology to transform marketing: our digital business cards give companies a greener way to connect, engage and grow.

We take meaningful action to help tackle the climate crisis through our partnership with World Land Trust. For every digital business card sold (directly and via our reseller network), we plant a tree in association with World Land Trust – helping to protect some of the world’s most biologically threatened habitats.

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And what does the reseller opportunity involve?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have any sales experience to be a successful reseller. In fact, all you need is enthusiasm and your mobile phone. Thanks to our proven model, we’ll help you add an extra stream of income to your earnings – and give you the personal satisfaction that comes from launching and growing your own business. Here’s how it works.

We give you a unique ID that’s embedded into 2 digital cards: a Go Paperless Reseller Card and your personal digital business card. By sharing either or both cards with your contacts, you give them the opportunity to buy their own digital business card with 1/3 off. And when they buy, we give you generous levels of commission: on direct and indirect sales; on the sales of resellers you invite; and on customer and reseller renewals.

As a reseller, you’ll also benefit from the personal support of the dedicated Go Paperless team, who are all invested in your success. What’s more, we provide you with all the marketing material you need to convert leads to sales and grow your business.

But don’t take my word for it:

Here’s what Bestof Sudbury owner Penny Wilby says about Go Paperless:

“Thank you for my excellent digital business card – I love it! I love that I can change and update whenever I need, look at the stats, integrate it into my email signature, email newsletter and social media.

It’s far more dynamic than your paper business cards and far more personable. If anyone is looking to get a digital business card, I’d say DO IT and chat with Darren.”

Penny Wilby – Owner Bestof Sudbury

Sound like your kind of opportunity?

Then we’d love to tell you more about it! You can find out more and register your interest here. And in no time, you’ll be enjoying the personal satisfaction that comes from running your own business – weathering the storm of the pandemic with an additional income stream.

Click below to register your interest as a Go Paperless reseller.