How Go Paperless will help you be successful

How Go Paperless will help you be successful

Covid-19 has transformed the marketing landscape – read on to find out how Go Paperless will help you be successful. Okay, so words like ‘unprecedented’ have definitely been bandied around far too many times this year. But there’s no disputing that 2020 has been a year like no other in living memory. Businesses across every sector have had to rethink their approach to marketing – and it’s those who have adapted fastest to dramatic shifts in consumer behaviour that are continuing to grow and thrive.

But what should your success strategy be in this very different time? In this post, we’ve outlined the 5 character traits shared by businesses that have adapted to the changes prompted by the pandemic – and explained how Go Paperless digital business cards will help you get ahead (and stay ahead) in 2021 and beyond.

1 A strong digital offering

The reality of lockdown means that consumers have been unable to leave their home in the usual way – whether to pop to the shops, work out at the gym or dance the night away in a club.

Brands with strong digital offerings prospered more than their competitors, even in pre-pandemic days. But it’s those that have created immersive online experiences that have created a buzz in 2020 – we’re talking everyone from Joe Wicks to the Royal Ballet.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that all businesses have the capacity to become trailblazers in this way. But by strengthening your digital offering in new and original ways, you’re increasing the likelihood of reaching new audiences and growing your business.

And that’s just what Go Paperless digital business cards do. With industry-leading functionality, interactive sections on your card drive traffic to your campaigns and website, boosting your profile and your sales. For example, if you’re a musician, a digital business card gives your fans a way to sample and buy your releases. Or if you’re an architect, you could add a time-lapse video to showcase projects effectively. Whatever your industry, the possibilities are exciting.

2 Selling directly to consumers

The past few years have seen an increase in demand for businesses that cut out the middleman to sell directly to consumers – and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Brands that sell directly are able to offer competitive prices, and tend to build strong and lasting customer relationships.

Rather than managing complex supply chains, D2C brands are able to cut costs and acquire customers efficiently – often in lifestyle categories like beauty and home furnishings.

Does your business sell directly to consumers – or is this a strategy you’ve been thinking of adopting? If so, then our digital business cards are a brilliant tool for facilitating this approach. The interactive Gallery gives you the power to link pictures of your products or services directly to the relevant page on your website – complementing your brochures and product catalogues or even removing the need to publish them all together.

3 Unafraid to embrace new ways of working

One of the revelations of 2020 has been the decline of the commute and the rise of the flexible workforce with the ability to work anywhere and anytime. Across numerous sectors, the realisation that long days in the office aren’t a prerequisite for success has accompanied a growing demand for businesses that prioritise flexible working.

At Go Paperless, our digital business cards give you the power to be successful, embrace a modern way of working – one that doesn’t need to involve any face-to-face contact.

Share the cards by text or email – wherever you are in the world – and update them for free whenever details change or a team member moves on. Essentially, they’re a contactless marketing platform that give you a cost-effective way to reach and expand your network, regardless of whether you’re in the office.

4 A sharp focus on sustainable growth

Unsurprisingly, marketing budgets have been slashed in 2020. Which means that that companies across the sector spectrum have had to rethink the way they acquire and retain customers. Businesses that have maintained or increased their profits during the pandemic tend to share 2 key qualities:

  • They’ve chosen to focus on cross- or up-selling to their current customers rather than acquiring new ones.
  • They’ve abandoned marketing strategies that don’t have a trackable impact – expensive television adverts, for example.

At Go Paperless, we give you the power to strengthen customer relationships in a sustainable and cost-effective way. For example, our intelligent reporting analytics help you track the success of your sales strategies. Plus, we’re the world’s only provider that tracks card re-shares, which means that every time one of your contacts forwards your card, the dashboard gives you the recipient’s details.

As a result, you grow your network organically with leads that have a genuine interest in your business – all without forking out on expensive campaigns.

5 Brand values that consumers identify with – Go Paperless will help you be successful

This year more than ever before, consumers want to buy from brands that they feel an affinity with. People are looking for ways to support their local businesses – from shops and restaurants to hairdressers and fitness instructors. And it’s the companies that have built brands that resonate with their target audience that are being noticed during the pandemic.

Do you have the tools in place to allow local customers to engage and interact with you? Go Paperless will help you be successful

If you’re looking for ways make genuine connections with your customers, Go Paperless can help. Our digital business cards keep customers up-to-date and engaged with your brand while demonstrating your commitment to the planet and reducing your carbon footprint. What’s more, world-class functionality gives you the power to replicate your brand identity right down to subtle shifts in colour and font styles – impressing your contacts and enhancing your reputation.

Prepare for the future – Go Paperless will help you be successful

With exciting news about the efficacy of vaccines emerging, it seems as last as if the end is in sight. But as the world opens up, the post-pandemic landscape will be dominated by businesses with effective long-term strategies.

Go Paperless digital business cards help businesses be successful across sectors from entertainment to manufacturing connect, engage and grow. And by revolutionising the way you interact, you’ll supercharge your future with a competitive advantage.

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