Here are four ways to refresh your desk

Here are four ways to refresh your desk

From stained tea cups to creased post-it notes, your office space can quickly become messy. Hit the ground running this January with everything you need at your fingertips. Save yourself the headache of a cluttered workspace and refresh your desk with our top tips.

organised office space

Organise your space – creating an organised office space can really help you feel more productive and positive throughout the day. One simple way is to remove the clutter in your area, and move items around to make your surroundings feel like new. Remember, less is more! While you are moving your stuff, you could always have a quick wipe round with a duster, it’s amazing how dirty your workspace can get. Your keyboard and mouse get a huge amount of use throughout the day so it makes sense to keep them nice and clean.

refresh your stationery

Refresh your stationery – whether you’re updating your branding or simply need to replenish your print stock, we have everything you need from envelopes to business cards to refresh your entire office. You don’t need to order huge quantities of stationery anymore and wonder where you are going to store it. Why not just order what you need?

office plants

Bring the outdoors, indoors – breathe some life into the office by adding some plants. A great way to incorporate a hint of colour without overwhelming even the smallest of spaces whilst creating a more relaxed atmosphere to help you keep focussed throughout your day. You could always glance at the plants every now and then to help your eyes re focus from staring at your keyboard.

desk accessories

Update desk accessories – upgrading your desk accessories altogether can create a whole new look. Adding a mug or pen is another easy, cost-effective way to add impact to your workspace and somewhere to keep that all important mug of tea or coffee.