Go green with our eco-friendly pens

Go green with our eco-friendly pens

Is being green one of your brand values? Choosing one of our eco pens will enhance your green credentials whilst also being environmentally conscious.

We use a combination of materials including recycled plastic bottles, recycled cardboard and bamboo. Our selection of eco pens also features an impressive print area of 50mm x 6mm allowing you to get creative with your branding. Take a look at the options available to you.

Cardboard pens – made from recycled materials and weighing just 6 grams, these pens are very lightweight.  Available in 3 different coloured tips, black, dark blue and green.

Cardboard pens

Recycled plastic pens – an eco pen made from recycled plastic bottles. Choose between transparent blue or transparent white and print up to 2 spot colours.

Recycled plastic pens

Bamboo pens – a stylish, environmentally friendly pen is the perfect combination of budget and quality. Bamboo offers an everyday promotion solution for an everyday budget. 

Bamboo pens

Wooden pens – a luxurious wooden pen made from bamboo. It comes complete with a push click top and metallic embellishments, making it the perfect high-end executive printed pen.

Wooden pen