Flyer design for Ocean Telecom

Flyer design for Ocean Telecom

With the up and coming big switch off of BT’s traditional ISDN lines in December 2025 Ocean Telecom wanted to get ahead of the game. Ocean Telecom offer a wide variety of business phone solutions, as well as CCTV, WiFi, Energy and more. After successfully creating flyer designs for them in the past, Ocean Telecom turned once again to us to come up with a design that matched their existing branding and advertised that fact that they are the ‘go to’ local business to help companies prepare for this switch off.

The aqua and blue colour scheme was retained to tie in with a previous design to retain consistency of their brand and the new text was flowed in to complete the new design. Once signed off, the flyer was sent to print and a run of 1000 copies was printed full colour, double sided onto 170gsm silk ready to be sent out to new and existing customers alike.

Here’s what they wanted to advertise on their new A5 flyer

BT are ceasing the widely used ISDN lines that so many businesses rely upon. The date for the final change will be December in 2025. It may sound a long way off but it isn’t, and with 16 Million business lines in need of change, don’t be the last one in the queue.

By upgrading your lines to SIP (lines carried over the internet). Your business will not only be unaffected by the switch-off, but will also realise significant cost reductions.  

Ocean Telecom have been serving the regions businesses since 2002, and have built up an enviable reputation for excellent products, great prices and superb support.

Text from the leaflet
Ocean Telecom A5 flyer showing front and back
The previous leaflet

The previous leaflet talks about the following services:

  • Business mobile and mobile data for a single user to several hundred.
  • Data cabling – accredited data cabling installers.
  • CCTV with the ability to design, demonstrate, quote and install solutions of any size or specification.
  • Energy – using a simple portal they can compare over 20 providers to help customers get the best value from their energy contracts.
  • Finance packages.
  • Project management.
  • Fast, capable and flexible – with a dedicated account manager, an excellent support team and fully trained and experienced engineers, they can provide a friendly service.

Flyers can be a cost-effective way to let your customers know about a new service you are offering and with digital printing you don’t have to print 1000s either – anything from 25 upwards.