Dettol logo, the meaning and history.

Dettol logo, the meaning and history.

First used in hospitals in the 1930s, Dettol soon became widely used in the home. Today, they are a world leading hygiene brand trusted by millions who regularly use their antibacterial soaps, sprays, and wipes all carrying the Dettol logo on a daily basis. 

The Dettol logo was originally inspired by its protective properties, which, according to the company, “Kills 99.9% of bacteria.”

Let’s see how the logo has evolved over the years.


Dettol logo, 1950s – 1970s 

When the logo was originally launched during the 1950s the logo consisted of a dark green circular label, shaped with a rectangular extension to the base. The words ‘antiseptic’, ‘non-poisonous’ and ‘germicidal’ were set around the outline of the circle.

A black rectangle ran along the centre of the circle with the word ‘Dettol’ set in bold, sans-serif caps spaced closely together.

The sword graphic was set in the background with an elaborate hilt that formed the cornerstone of the design we still see today.


Dettol logo, 1970s – 1990s 

The version that was used from 1970s – 1990s used a similar sword element, but in a different order. The word ‘Dettol’ was now black with a lowercase sans serif font.

A dark green rectangle now dominated the centre with a simplified silhouette of a sword which was very similar to the previous version albeit with some of the fine detail removed.


Dettol logo, 1990s – 2010 

Throughout 1990s – 2010 the rectangle changed to a circular shape, with a colour change from dark green to bright green. A white halo was added to the text and a drop shadow added to the sword.

The word mark Dettol, which now included a trademark ® was subtly changed to a more condensed font with tighter kerning (the space between individual characters) and the colour changed to blue.


Dettol logo, 2010 – 2020 

From 2010 – 2020 the main changes included a colour change to lime green instead of bright green. 

The circle was now smaller, allowing the sword to protrude and the word mark to fit tighter. The halo around the word mark remained but the drop shadow around the sword didn’t.

You may also notice the handle of the sword was longer and thinner than the previous version and there is a star emblem at the point of the sword.


2020 onwards

The current version shows an oval rather than a circle containing a grey outline filled with a gradient from dark green to lighter green containing the word mark in white. 

The sword is now coloured grey, thicker than before and with green outline and a subtle gradient running from top to bottom. The word mark has also been stylised allowing it to appear to cut through the sword. The star emblem at the point of the sword has also been refined.

In my opinion the most recognisable part of this logo has to be the sword which as I’ve mentioned has changed over the years but still retains much of its original design impact.

How many Dettol products do you have in your home? Let me know.