Signage that’s cutting edge for your brand

Signage that’s cutting edge for your brand

Supersize your brand – when it comes to advertising outdoors or indoors, signage can be seen everywhere. No matter if you are looking for special sizes, double-sided printing or a scratch resistant protection, the range of options now available will suit any area whatever the weather.

Plexiglas® -acrylic prints are a great long-lasting option for decorating your space. These prints come on either transparent or semi-opaque acrylic. Semi-opaque lets your design cover the space, but also allows for light to shine through from behind, whereas translucent Plexiglas® is great if you’d like to mount graphics on both sides of the sheet.

If you’re considering branding your office or advertising an event, you can choose any size up to 1800mm x 2400mm, on either transparent or semi-opaque acrylic. Do you have a particular size in mind? That’s fine as custom sizes are available too.

Acrylic Prints can be used both indoors and outdoors and multi panels can be printed to make up one complete large image. We can cut the edges square or cut to finish around your design, whatever you prefer. We can even create the design and artwork for you too!

Cardboard signs – cardboard display printing is a cost-effective choice for signage for two reasons. Firstly they are lightweight and low in cost, making them ideal for temporary use and much more sturdy than posters. Secondly, once your promotion has finished, the signs can be recycled.

Printed single-sided and available in any size up to 1450mm x 2800mm. Cardboard display printing is a cost-effective choice for signage. Choose from the doublewall E+E flute in white at 2.3mm thick, the 1.6mm compact pressboard or white honeycomb cardboard with a 10mm thickness.

Whatever your signage requirements are, DL Design have a solution to meet your needs.