Brand creation for Developer++

Brand creation for Developer++

Developer++ offer training, coaching, mentoring and support for software developers and entrepreneurs. You may recall back in November 2019 DL Design Associates Ltd designed some postcards for use at a trade show which was based on the old brand.

The directors of Developer++ decided it was well and truly time to have a brand refresh and once again DL Design was called in to help.

Let’s have a look at the creative process we went through to design the new brand in a little more detail.

The brief – Developer++ were looking for a brand refresh to reflect their core values, mission and tone of voice and wanted the brand to be launched in time to market their workshops planned for later in the year.

The mission – to make a positive impact on people by enabling everyone to become behaviour transformationalists.

The values – the four core values to represent were; Honesty, Transparency, Fun and Positivity.

The tone of voice – to use real language which is soft and gentle, passionate and energetic, and of course positive.

Target audiences – there were four; Corporate, HR, Technical and Entrepreneur.

Design requirements and deliverables – Developer++ were looking for four areas to be refreshed; Design, Colour, Typography and Imagery. Three different design styles were requested; Safe, Slightly out there and Pushing the boundaries.

We started with the logo design concepts

After reading through and absorbing the client’s requirements, DL Design started designing concepts for the logo. Below you can see stage 1 showing a ‘Safe’, ‘Slightly out there’ and ‘Pushing the boundaries’ design. The overriding theme seemed to be that Developer++ were an approachable company and by working with them you would feel positive, this is where the idea for the character with its arms outstretched came from.

Stage 1 designs

The chosen style was one of the ‘pushing the boundaries’ logos. Design tweaks were requested and stage 2 designs were presented which can be seen below.

Stage 2 designs

Minor tweaks were requested to the weight of the plus signs and stage 3 designs were presented which can be seen below.

Stage 3 designs

Once these tweaks were made, the final logo was chosen

developer plus plus logo

Here’s what happened next

A set of brand guidelines were designed to show colours complete with their colour breakdown values for print and web. Fonts and their suggested weights were also specified as was suggested imagery.

To complete the project business cards, note pads and a Facebook header was also designed to reflect the brand’s online presence.

A complete set of logo files was created, this way Developer++ could use them in print or on the web, while still keeping true to their brand. The new brand is now live and bookings are being taken for the up and coming workshops.

Using Darren Guiheen to create a new brand for our business was effortless on our part. His communication and speed of delivery given our tight deadlines was outstanding! I would recommend 100%.

Sean Billings, Developer++