Brochures are a powerful branding and marketing tool

Brochures are a powerful branding and marketing tool

Make your presence known in a busy market. From detailed annual reports to branded office notebooks. Here are three creative uses that will help you get started.

A great opportunity to get your business brand noticed anywhere, whether at an event, an important meeting, or office memos. Notebooks are small and smart enough to be the perfect printed desk accessory.

A perfect bound annual report

Annual reports
With the flexibility of perfect binding, you can ensure your report is easy to read and well presented. Not only do they offer valuable information about your company but also prolong your brand presence in the market.

A saddle stitched booklet (stapled with two wires)

Self-published books
Saddle stitching provides the perfect solution for low-budget publications, such as community projects and fundraisers. These books are great for showcasing eye-catching images and for easy reading.