Bespoke calendar ready for 2020

Bespoke calendar ready for 2020

Now is the time to get organised for next year with our range of calendars. If you are in retail or hospitality it will soon be the busiest time of year which is also a good time to prepare for 2020. A bespoke calendar can be an amazing, affordable marketing tool. Your brand image will be centre stage with your customers and prospects throughout the year reminding everyone about the service you can provide for them.

Why not get noticed all year round with our calendars and wall planners?

desk calendars on a desk
Desk calendars in various sizes

Desk calendars – if you’re short on wall space, a wiro bound bespoke calendar is ideal for the home or office desk. The wire bound spine allows the pages to be turned easily and lay flat giving you a clear view of the month ahead. Available in sizes 148mm Square to 1/3 A4 landscape.

Promotional calendar on a wall
Wall hung promotional calendar

Promotional calendars – these bespoke calendars offer a unique opportunity to feature on the walls of your clients all year round. Available on 130gsm or 170gsm gloss or silk art paper, calendars are staple bound and finished with a drill hole for easy hanging and ease of use when writing on them.

wall planner on a blue wall
Wall planner

Wall planners – these are lighter and less bulky than calendars, making them the ideal corporate gift which is also cheaper to post. Available in sizes A4 to A1 and printed on 130gsm silk paper.

Folded wall planner on a desk
Folded wall planner

Folded wall planners – If you are looking for an effective marketing campaign, folded wall planners can be handed out as a giveaways at events and are perfect for sending out in a direct mailer. Available in sizes A1 and A2, printed onto 130gsm or 170gsm paper with a silk or gloss finish and even supplied folded to fit into a C4 envelope.