A4 landscape workbooks designed and printed

A4 landscape workbooks designed and printed

Best Behaviour Dog Training offers 121 training, puppy classes, adult dog training classes and behaviour consultations for problem behaviours. As part of their VIP training they wanted to have a series of A4 landscape workbooks designed for their ‘Ultimate Recall Program’ which candidates could fill in as they worked their way through the 12 week course.

DL Design was asked to produce branded A4 landscape workbooks that was easy to read with room to write in and an A4 landscape format. A silk paper was chosen as this can be written on in biro and once printed, the booklet was saddle stitched so that each page could be turned without any loose pages falling out.

To create a saddle stitched booklet, the pages are nested and stitched together with wire through the centre. This forms ‘staples’ through the folded spine which looks similar to a staple that you would use in your office. This option is ideal for an affordable booklet, such as workbooks for a training company. You can also add a cover lamination, such as matt or soft touch, for increased protection and a premium finish.

You can see the finished result below.